Friday, July 31, 2009

My house is a wreck and its killing me!!!

Well if you know us we are/have always been working on the house. Now that the major remodeling is done I think that has scared us a bit. Well me anyways!! So I got a wild hair up my butt and told the hubster that I wanted to repaint the toy room (which was painted in 2003) because I am bored with the color. To my amazement he said fine. So two weeks ago we ventured to Menards (our favorite store) and picked out paint. No not just 1 color cause see my decorating side was coming through. I wanted a darker stripe around the top. See our ceiling in that room is 10' tall and the window tops are 18" below the I thought it would give it some.....dont know what but something. Last Saturday after the graduation party we attended, the hubby and I got everything out of the toy room, which is still piled in my living room, see that where my house is a mess and its killing me is coming from, but didnt take us long. Then we sanded the walls, cause see I had sponge painted and without sanding the walls (like I didnt in the bathroom downstairs) the paint will chip off the sponged areas. So onto Sunday. We got up went to champaign cause I needed some dress slacks for my interview on Monday and the boys were needing school shoes. We were gone all day! But we did got lots of things done and returned and such. So when we got home the four of us did paint. The boys did 99.9% of the rolling and big d did the trim. I did help with the rollers to make sure there were no runs. So Monday we had running again for my interview and such got no painting done. All that was left was the dark border around the top. Big D got the umph to do that Tuesday while some of us had to work. I am going to tell you, do NOT ever have him help paint near the ceiling. It was a grand gesture but geez......needless to say I had to fix it. Anyways got that done and the curtains hung because there wasn't any football practice that night due to the massive rain/hail storm. Although I did drive all the way to town and sat through the entire storm and flood! Oh well! So onto Wednesday night, we finally moved in the couch and somewhat positioned the entertainment center. Thats on hold cause we are getting a new TV for that room and so we may need to get something different to hold that and the other toys and such I had packed in it. EEK! So my dinning room still has all the toys and bookcase that belongs in the toy room and you cant even get to the table.....its killing me and the dog doesnt like it much either. This morning I did move enough stuff for her to get to her bed and I really think she smiled at me!! ;oD So no one is allowed to come to my house, well atleast inside!! If you stop you will be made to stay outside! The garage is well equipped with nice recliners on wheels, cable, TV, refreshments, and the phone, so we can make you feel at home as well out there!!

Oh I dont think I mentioned.......I got a new vacuum!!!!! Yep I did! My old vacuum must have been 10-12 years old and now with the house completely done I wanted a good, I mean, wonderful grand vacuum. So........I got a Dyson Animal!! Its totally awesome!! Seriously it rocks my world!! No it wasnt cheap, not by far, but it works wonders! Our bedroom carpet looks almost new and you wont believe what it gets up! Since we have a dog (and always will) the animal was the perfect fit! Although wish it would have come in harley orange instead of purple!! I told the salesman that and he started looking to see if it came in different colors....what a nut! So for the price of that vacuum we could have bought 2 of the cars I am driving now.....yep 2 cars. Keep in mind they werent very much for a car but sounds pricey lol!!

Ok.....drum roll please.......dddaaaaddddaaa......Big D is at work today!! Yep I said it and boy does that sound good!! He is at work! He goes back Monday too!! Just want to get into the swing/routine of the dang swing shift but we arent for sure yet when he starts that. Come on people, dont they know the wife needs to know these things to know how the schedule is going to work with the kids......guess not! Oh well, he has a job and thats all that counts!

Well must get back to working....boss is gone and that has been sooo nice!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's been forever!

Well lots have gone on since I have posted a blog.! I didnt get the first job I interviewed for, my husband is now to be employed very very shortly! I had two job offers on Thursday.....this whole thing of not having a plan or being able to be in control is killing me! Both our boys are playing football this fall.....very very long days on Saturdays for me! With Big D's new job he will have to work every other weekend so that leaves me running the boys to where ever football is and being there 8 hours! Yep 8 hours, Lil D plays at 1 which we have to be there at 12, then Mid D doesnt play til 5, so we will just have to hang out there. Their games last about 2 hours.....long long days! Shouldnt complain because God has granted us/them the ability to do these we are definitely blessed!

We had a nice long family weekend. Just the four of us for 3 days of camping! It was so nice and relaxing, fishing, swimming, and lots of fires!! Not sure when we will get to do this again so thats why we did a long weekend. Big D will have to take time to adjust to the swing shift of his new job but in the end it ends up being more money they his other job was. Last night I put up the sun blocking/energy savings curtains for our bedroom for an attempt at helping Big D sleep during the day. Its just going to be a huge adjustment at our house. When he first started at BAC he worked third shift for about 6 years and we got into a really nice routine but the whole swing shift scares us a bit. WE have lots of talks about this, when he gets home at 5 am I would have to get up to see him then because the would leave to go in at 5 pm, before I would get home. Oh well.....this economy has brought this to us....just wish it would hurry up and fix itself!

This coming weekend is loaded with fun things! I may have the whole day off Friday, both boys have physicals for football, and the off for the GNI or O which ever with some friends!! Needing a break and this couldnt come at a better time! If Big D has to work I may have to find a sitter but its worth it! Then Saturday night we have a graduation party for Sarah, a daughter of a close work friend of Big D's! A couple of weekends ago we took the boys to the drive in to see the transformers II movie and Sarah was working at the concession stand...she was surprised to see us, we werent surprised to see her cause her dad told us she would be working! She had to tell us about her up coming party and really wanted us to come! Soooo......we will be attending a party in DelRay!!!

Well best get off here before the boss comes back......have a great week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let the interviews begin!!

Well the friday before we left for vacation and after a huge huge blow up at work, I ran and put my resume in for a receptionist postion, hoping there is more to it. Well they called today and want me to come in for an interview Thursday! I am sooo excited and this wouldnt have happened if it werent for KS and Vervecca! I also put my app into another office for the accounting hoping to hear from them to. Gots to have choices! I have noticed lately with career changes in my family that Big D and I both do it the same year! The last change we had was almost 15 years ago. He went from a farm drainage company to a welder and I went from Customer SErvice Manager to Admin Coordinator, within 6 mos of each other! NOw he is with out a job and I am looking for a change....weird huh??!! He is very very supportive of this change for me because he sees the bad side of the situation too! I love me job but when you cant get along or really dont want to be the only one makes it hard to continue! Anyways wish me luck!!

Our vacation at Disney world was but great! I will have to post more on it later...but gots to get some laundry done and put away.....cause we are going camping this weekend!!! YIppy cant wait.....relax by the fire.....darkness and listen to the noises! Cant wait! Talk with you all later!! Love ya!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cant think straight.....

I would love to vent and bitch more about my boss and how he is making it sooo hard to come in everyday......but right now I just dont think I could put it into words and if I did it would take days to get everything off my chest! So now instead of trying to remember things he isnt doing I have made a notebook and logged the date and what happened so I have proof...not that it would stand up in court or anything but just to say hey this is what happened. Really hoping he moves on very very soon! Cause see I am just as the work I do, bookkeeping accounting, customers and most of the time the other guys that work here (not so much today). So moving on.......

Vacation cant come soon enough! We are on the countdown....we leave June 7th....for Disney World! Yeah.....cannot wait! No seriously I cannot stress how I cannot wait.....I need to get out of here before I let my mouth get the best/worst of me!

Ok more of the job thing.....I feel like I have this huge pressure weighing me down. I want to be happy and fun and crazy but cant because of this damn thing weighing me down! My ex boss was an ass but yet we could joke and have a good time. This guy/thing is just work and no play. The guys have been working til 10-11 pm at night and starting at 5 am....thats just asking for an accident to happen. Major safety issue! If they cant wait til tomorrow or there isnt a tomorrow then it doesnt need to be done!!!!! No this guy/thing thinks/wants to get it all done today! What a jerk! In 15 years of doing this job they have not worked that many hours in a day for that long of a period.......and I dont think its just a cowencendence of the new manager...its because of the new manager! He does not know how to manager...he would rather be an applicator (mighty expense one I might add) than in running the plant like he should be! Last I checked my job title was Administrative Coordinator, not Plant manager! He ran for parts today when all the guys went out for breakfast while I have thousands of invoices for him to sign off on so I can get them in the mail before the customers get their statements....which are going out today. So now the customers will be calling and wondering what they are getting billed for because they don thave any invoices....well I will tell them like it is....."the manger thinks my job is a minut thing and paperwork is nothignt so when he has the time we will send them out, I know I know they are due June 15th but there is nothing else I can do." So if he is not a team player neither will I be! I really have no respect here at all in his eyes. I am just the bitch that answers the phone, gets them lunch, and weighs trucks. Oh did he forget I am in the one who makes sure he gets paid, invoices the customers for what work has been done to get money in to make sure he does get a paycheck, transfers products receives in products, pays the bills to keep the lights on, keeps the safety paperwork up todate (which i gave him all the forsm to sign in Feb and havent gotten them back yet) so when we get audited its all HIS fault we dont pass, also he will not sign on all the things I need him t osign and I have come to the point where I dont eve ask anymore cause he goes off.....damn why do they need me to sign this and that....might as well do it myself....oh honey go right ahead! If he is trying to make me quit....aint going to happen, he will have to fire me first! Anymore this is a place I have to come to everyday to do things I like to do, accounting bookeeping, not a job cause its no fun anymore!!!!

Ok cause thats all the time we have today....and i took up on the job thing.....sorry to get everyone down but had to get this off my chest or my mouth will get the best of me....which still might happen cause the "manager" wwb is on the way here. YIPPY for me! Pray for me to keep my cool...cause right now the smoke it coming out my ears at a very high rate!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

crochet projects......

This is the current blanket I am crocheting for a baby boy. His dad hunts and fishes so just a splash of camo....wasnt sure if it was gonna work or not. I will put a border of camo as well to set it off...look ok?

This is the finished baby girl blanket. I ended up hand sewing ribbon around the inner squares to finish it off cause the edges werent as straight as I would have liked.
Just thought I would share....may not be anything to some but it is to me cause my hands made or are making them!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The blaster, sickness, and mothers day!

Well hope all the women had a great mother day! Mine came and went!

Friday night Mid D had a dance at the MS school and so i didnt have to make a trip back into town at 10 pm Lil D and rode around town and he played at the parks while I crocheted. While at the north park I noticed that my bladder was getting full and need to hit a potty very soon. So I have Lil D hop in so we could run to my moms so I could use the potty. He asks why and I tell him cause my bladder is full and I cant even concentrate to crochet cause its soo full. Well that sparked his curiosity, "what a bladder" so I tell him its a holding tank for the pee and when it gets full its time to go potty! Ok he is fine with that. While at my moms we both use the potty and was talking to my mom when Lil D runs through the kitchen "mom cant concentrate when her blaster is full!!" Talk about hilarious! My mom and I were laughtin so stomach hurt! Still to this day he calls the remote, the merote!! He is funny!! Loved it and it made my night!!

Big D hauled grain on Thrusday and Friday. thrusday night he came home exhausted and not feeling good. He even had a fever! He got worse over the weekend....he even passed up a free meal at Vervecca's saturday night. Well the kids and I didnt!! MMMMM grilled chicky!! Yummmy!! Sunday was worse...he had slept 12 hours and still felt punny! I had made reserveations for the kettle for mom dad grandma and my brothers family. When we were getting around Big D was stirring on the couch and I told him that he didnt need to go. Just wanted him to get better and plus I was running to the store for groceries! Well he did go and we did get groceries....but he still felt like crap! Now today he is hauling fertilizer to us here at work and says he feels somewhat better and not to get him a doctors hopefully he is on the round to recovery!

So yesterday after Mid D and I attended chruch and confirmation class we headed home. I had about 1.5 hours before the reservations and I wanted to get the down stairs cleaned and the towels I had in the washer on the line to dry. Love to have clothes dry on the it! Of oucrse Mid D did his pre teen attitude....but he did vacuum one room for me. Now Lil D was my helper yesterday! He vacuumed one room, cleaned the bathroom downstairs, did a quick mop job of the kithen and dinning rooms, while I swept the floors and put things away! He was such a big big help yesterday!! AS for long as I am able to get flowers for outside I am soo content! We got the flowers 2 weeks ago....on sale! So I didnt expect anything....but the boys got me this humungous card....i mean huge and it was soo neat! Love them to pieces!! Dalton brought a flower home from school for me and its soo pretty!! After the grocery run got home, unpacked, Big D started mowing and Mid D finished. Lil D got their dirty clothes, his and Mid D's down stairs for me. So all I needed to do was get the remaining dirty clothes, start laundry and sit and crochet! I am about 1/2 done on the latest baby afghan.....yeah!! Didnt get all the laundry done but hey quiet abit of it! Lil D, Big D, and I watched Bolt yesterday my 4th time wathing it!

Well we are supper swamped here at work get this posted before I spell check so sorry for the misspellings...cause I am a really bad speller!! Take CAre!!

Friday, May 8, 2009