Friday, July 31, 2009

My house is a wreck and its killing me!!!

Well if you know us we are/have always been working on the house. Now that the major remodeling is done I think that has scared us a bit. Well me anyways!! So I got a wild hair up my butt and told the hubster that I wanted to repaint the toy room (which was painted in 2003) because I am bored with the color. To my amazement he said fine. So two weeks ago we ventured to Menards (our favorite store) and picked out paint. No not just 1 color cause see my decorating side was coming through. I wanted a darker stripe around the top. See our ceiling in that room is 10' tall and the window tops are 18" below the I thought it would give it some.....dont know what but something. Last Saturday after the graduation party we attended, the hubby and I got everything out of the toy room, which is still piled in my living room, see that where my house is a mess and its killing me is coming from, but didnt take us long. Then we sanded the walls, cause see I had sponge painted and without sanding the walls (like I didnt in the bathroom downstairs) the paint will chip off the sponged areas. So onto Sunday. We got up went to champaign cause I needed some dress slacks for my interview on Monday and the boys were needing school shoes. We were gone all day! But we did got lots of things done and returned and such. So when we got home the four of us did paint. The boys did 99.9% of the rolling and big d did the trim. I did help with the rollers to make sure there were no runs. So Monday we had running again for my interview and such got no painting done. All that was left was the dark border around the top. Big D got the umph to do that Tuesday while some of us had to work. I am going to tell you, do NOT ever have him help paint near the ceiling. It was a grand gesture but geez......needless to say I had to fix it. Anyways got that done and the curtains hung because there wasn't any football practice that night due to the massive rain/hail storm. Although I did drive all the way to town and sat through the entire storm and flood! Oh well! So onto Wednesday night, we finally moved in the couch and somewhat positioned the entertainment center. Thats on hold cause we are getting a new TV for that room and so we may need to get something different to hold that and the other toys and such I had packed in it. EEK! So my dinning room still has all the toys and bookcase that belongs in the toy room and you cant even get to the table.....its killing me and the dog doesnt like it much either. This morning I did move enough stuff for her to get to her bed and I really think she smiled at me!! ;oD So no one is allowed to come to my house, well atleast inside!! If you stop you will be made to stay outside! The garage is well equipped with nice recliners on wheels, cable, TV, refreshments, and the phone, so we can make you feel at home as well out there!!

Oh I dont think I mentioned.......I got a new vacuum!!!!! Yep I did! My old vacuum must have been 10-12 years old and now with the house completely done I wanted a good, I mean, wonderful grand vacuum. So........I got a Dyson Animal!! Its totally awesome!! Seriously it rocks my world!! No it wasnt cheap, not by far, but it works wonders! Our bedroom carpet looks almost new and you wont believe what it gets up! Since we have a dog (and always will) the animal was the perfect fit! Although wish it would have come in harley orange instead of purple!! I told the salesman that and he started looking to see if it came in different colors....what a nut! So for the price of that vacuum we could have bought 2 of the cars I am driving now.....yep 2 cars. Keep in mind they werent very much for a car but sounds pricey lol!!

Ok.....drum roll please.......dddaaaaddddaaa......Big D is at work today!! Yep I said it and boy does that sound good!! He is at work! He goes back Monday too!! Just want to get into the swing/routine of the dang swing shift but we arent for sure yet when he starts that. Come on people, dont they know the wife needs to know these things to know how the schedule is going to work with the kids......guess not! Oh well, he has a job and thats all that counts!

Well must get back to working....boss is gone and that has been sooo nice!!!

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Momma B said...

Glad you are having so much fun with your messed up house! UGH! I hate things being a mess, but whaddaya do? It will be great when it is all back together again! Soon, right? ha!

Glad Big D is back to work again! That has to be a big weight off your shoulders!